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Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by Dua Lipa

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Dua Lipa, née le 22 août 1995 à Londres, est une autrice-compositrice-interprète britannique d'origine albanaise. En 2015, elle signe une entente avec Warner Bros. Records et publie son premier single, New Love, peu de temps après.

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"Blow Your Mind (Mwah)" is the fifth track on Dua Lipa's debut album. On August 22nd, 2016, her 21st birthday, she unveiled that the single would be released that Friday. Dua Lipa’s vocals soar on this confident track where she has the power in a relationship strung together with messy one night stands. About the song, Dua said "I wanted to write a happy song, which doesn’t happen very often, because I always want to write something sad dark. I wanted to write about something that made me feel good and made me feel sassy." She also talked about the process of songwriting "I wrote the song in L.A. with a woman called Lauren Christy and a guy called Jon Levine. We were like, “Why don’t we just write about being happy in your skin and being proud of who you are?” The main meaning that I wanted to get behind it was the whole idea that you have to be proud of who you are and not listen to anyone that wants you to fit some sort of criteria or certain type of box."

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