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Air est un groupe français de musique électronique. Leur musique est caractérisée par une ambiance lente, et un son original et psychédélique. De nombreux riffs de guitare accompagnent des sons électroniques et des voix vocodées. L'histoire de Air débute dans les années 1980 au lycée Jules Ferry de Versailles, où étudient Jean-Benoît Dunckel et Nicolas Godin. Aidés d'Alex Gopher et de Xavier Jamaux, ils forment Orange1, « highschool

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"Sexy Boy" is a song by French duo Air from their first studio album Moon Safari. The music video, directed by Mike Mills, shows the members of Air in New York City. They see a toy monkey on the street and immediately enter a fantasy in which the monkey is a giant and flies off to the Moon. Meanwhile, the members of Air are still in fact in New York and other people see them playing with the toy monkey around the United Nations headquarters and in Central Park. The fantasy scenes are shown in colorful animation and the scenes in real life are shot in live action and black and white. The song was featured in the film 10 Things I Hate About You and the British television series Queer as Folk. The song was covered by Franz Ferdinand and appears as a b-side to the single "Walk Away". More recently, Sexy Boy was covered by German artist Nena on her CD of cover songs, entitled "Cover Me" [2007]. A dramatic choral cover of Sexy Boy was also recorded by The Fallen Angels in December 2010 and featured in the Axe Excite: Angels campaign, directed by Rupert Sanders.

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