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Tony Watson is a respected music figure in an undisputed entertainment Mecca. Los Angeles is where the spotlight shines on many, and sometimes, as in his case, it fixates and radiates upon a deserving, home-grown talent. Watson, a DJ and producer, has basked in the glow of local nightlife honors, including the "Best DJ-Selector" (per LA Weekly), and as a promoter, his parties have ranked among URB magazine's "Best Intimate Soirees." Such accolades are all good, but certainly, they're not all that's good about Watson. Beyond L.A.'s ever-present glitz, Watson is continued proof that the spotlight arrives, thrives and luminously lingers amidst the underground. Thanks to Body Music, his sonic signature comprising intelligent selections of house, disco, funk, Afrobeat and beyond - basically, "anything that makes your body move" - he's left an indelible imprint on the L.A. scene. Consequently, legions of music aficionados and like-minded peers gravitate toward the experience Watson provides: the uplifting, transcendent side of nightlife. Watson's current career momentum dates to 2000 and his three-year residency at MORE Fridays, a popular weekly party that attracted legendary DJs Kerri Chandler and Harvey (and major Watson influences), among others. Soon thereafter, his DJ style, literally, took on a life of its own. Regular Body Music events sprang up around L.A., further cementing his sound and vision. Their success proved that Body Music isn't solely a vibe, but also Watson's ongoing nightlife ethos - one devoid of worry, attitude, and musical boundaries. Guided by an eclectic sonic palette, and supported by a community of inspired, energetic loyalists, it sometimes seems he's repurposed the classic mantra "free your mind and the rest will follow." Now more than ever, Watson's brand of music-driven free spiritedness is in effect. It lives online via his website, www.mekanic.com, and at venues offering captive audiences for not only his selector skills, but his numerous remixes and original productions. "Passages" (2000), still a staple in DJ sets, brought Watson global recognition, appearing on compilations for respected labels Ibadan, Om Records and Pacha Recordings. "Ghetto in the WAX" (2002), first recorded for L.A. label WAX, also re-surfaced on DJ Garth's mix CD "Nite:Life 07" on NRK Sound Division. Currently, Watson's DJ gigs and solo productions (also using the moniker "Mekanic") are supplemented by collaborations with DJ Rylo and under aliases Project Sandro (with Rollmottle) and Nice Dreams (with Royaer). These dynamic duos have spawned several well-received singles - notably, Project Sandro's "Blazer" - thus, triggering Watson and Rollmottle to plan their first full-length album for 2007. By Gerald Poindexter - www.geraldpoindexter.com

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