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The Lovin' Spoonful-influenced NYC band who were produced by Spoonful members Zal Yanovsky and Jerry Yester and Spoonful producer Eric Jakobson. The band was led by its two songwriters, Peter Gallway (guitar, vocals) and Kenny Altman (guitar bass). Gallway sang lead on his own compositions while member Jon Lind sang lead on most of Altman's compositions. Gallway's songs displayed a strong Spoonful influence, while Altman's tracks were more rooted in The Rascals and 1960s New York City pop. The band also featured Jerry Burnham (bass/flute), Murray Weinstock (keys) and Pete Heywood (drums). Peter Gallway later formed the band Ohio Knox and had a successful solo career in Japan. Kenny Altman was a member of John Sebastian's band for the album The Four Of Us. Jon Lind and Kenny Altman also formed a band with Billy Nicholls in the late 70s called White Horse and released one album. Lind, who later became a successful songwriter for others, had previously formed a band in 1975 called Howdy Moon with Dennis Hovey and Valerie Carter.

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