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Austin based & 80’s influenced Night Traveler (Adam Fischer & Hunter Glaske) emerged in 2018 after past collaborations led to a decision to start something from scratch. After pooling together earnings from earlier projects, the duo walked away from 3 studio days with what would end up being the first 3 songs introduced under their new identity. Their debut single, “1984”, was released 2 months later, giving listeners the ultimate summer soundtrack that would be a glimpse into the late-night drive, timeless sounds to come. Despite a completely independent roll-out, 1984 gained over 100k spins in the first month of release and created an honest connection with fans both young and old through their nostalgic lyrics and atmospheric sound. A deeper introduction to Night Traveler came in February 2019 with the release of their first EP, Night Traveler, Vol.1. Though there was a special kind of magic in the circumstances surrounding their first release, the two were able to take a more thoughtful approach on each of these new songs. Taking their time to experiment sonically with different ideas allowed them to find the components to make each song feel just the way they wanted, articulating what they felt in a deeper way than ever before. In the band's first year they saw their debut single amass over 650,000 streams and their complete song collection surpass over 1 million streams. The future looks bright for one of Austin’s most buzzed about new bands.

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