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Fernando Arroyo otherwise known professionally as “Faceless22” is a DJ & Producer hailing from El Salvador. Fernando was born in 1995 in San Salvador. Since he was very little he showed a keen interest in very diverse music. He has influences ranging from 70’s rock to 90’s hip-hop and reggae, from El Salvador’s native music to Chemical Brothers, Deep Dish, early Tiesto and simply good music. Faceless has shared the decks with Avicii, Dash Berlin, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Carnage, Showtek, Ferk and many others. At age 12 he was approached by a schoolmate and ex-faceless22 partner (Manuel Gutierrez) which introduced him to DJing software, a year later he managed to get his hands on production software (Ableton). He began producing electronic music in 2008 having decided that this is the life he wants for himself, the life of a DJ/Producer with a hectic tour schedule.

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