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There are several artists and bands with name Curse 1) Curse (born 6 September 1978 as Michael S. Kurth) is a German rapper from Minden. The name "Curse" is inspired by the English pronunciation of his family name. 2) Curse is also the name of a Black Metal band from Iceland, formed in 1995. Their lyrical themes are Nordic mythology and mysticism. They released 2 demos and 3 full-length albums. 3) A black metal band from Finland (split-up) 4) Curse is Michael Hansen, a minimal techno producer who released his work primarily on the Thinner netlabel. 5) Curse is a two-piece electronic/doom band. Jane & Logan formed Curse in the fall of 2011. Curse is Logan Terkelsen (ex-Pfisters) and Jane Vincent (ex-Abiku).

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