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Christopher Andrés Álvarez García , better known as Cris MJ, is a Chilean singer and songwriter who achieved great international popularity in 2022 for the success of his song "Una noche en Medellín". He has managed to make collaborations and participations with other Chilean rappers and singers such as Pablo Chill-E, Pailita, among others. His start in music began in 2019 and has been becoming popular in music since then, because he already had several highly successful songs. His participation in concerts also made him a good singer by being well received by fans. He has improved his advancement in music to the next level, as it is one of the most listened songs of 2022 so far, reaching the ears of millions of people around the world. Cris MJ was born in La Serena, a commune and city in the Norte Chico of Chile, capital of the Coquimbo Region. He is the eldest of his four siblings. Since 2019, he has released several singles and collaborations with other exponents of Chilean and Latin American urban music. In 2021, he announced his studio album, he also released songs such as "Locura y maldad", "De ti soy adicto", "Te fuiste con otro", and "Los malvekes" in collaboration with Marcianeke, Simon La Letra, the latter which was very successful.

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