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Carl Gustave is a singer, songwriter, guitarist , producer. His musical style is a melting pot of blues, jazz , reggae,rock and soul. When watching Gustave perform, audiences from around the world have been witness to an artist delivering his set with conviction and raw emotion. Gustave began his musical journey in Los Angeles,California where after high school he began performing his original music in clubs on the Hollywood strip and other venues around town. After his band split he began performing with other artists from the area both live and in the studio. Carl got hooked creating in the studio, and was able to get a Professional 8 track recording machine and mixing desk in 1992 from a friend and started to create demos studio. While working his day job as a Building Contractor, his client David Kitay, grammy winning arranger/composer, offered to listen to a demo after an impromptu to jam session. After hearing the tape he offered to produce a few songs. These songs can be found on Carl’s CD “Too Hard” Before returning to St Lucia he received a Peabody Award in the U.S. for the song "I Won't Do You No Wrong" which he wrote, sang, and played guitar on. This song was first aired on "The ABC After School Special" in 1998. He has performed or recorded with members of the "Chick Corea Band", Members of Tuesday Night Music Club, members of Don Henley Band (of Eagles fame), David Kitay, David and David, members of Kool and The Gang, Phil Upchurch, members of Maze, as well as seasoned Blues veterans such as John Houston,, Louisiana 'Guitar' Red, Coco Montoya, Bobby Picket, Leon Ruebenhold, and others. He has also performed or worked with all of the top local artists in St. Lucia and with others in the Caribbean region. Carl Gustave has been apart of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival for the last 7 years. He has performed at other festivals in the Caribbean like Cayenne Jazz 2007 and most recently festival Mustique Blues 2008. Carl is currently working on his third self-produced CD being recorded at his home studio equipped with Pro Tools HD2 in St. Lucia to be released early 2009. His recording studio in St. Lucia has been used by Grammy award winning artists such as Jewel, Amy Winehouse, David Baerwald, David Rickets and Dean Frazer. Carl's music can be found on the web at www.cdbaby.com or on www.itunes.com In short ,Carl Gustave is an entertaining act for any music festival from Rock, Jazz and Blues to Reggae. He performs songs from his CDs on solo acoustic guitar and with a full band. A creative artist,musician, producer and a performer that truly enjoys performing. For booking info contact: carlgustave@hotmail.com

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