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Xenia Akeynikova

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Xenia Akeynikova

Xenia is a beautiful young artist of New Generation, her manner of performing combines technically brilliant freedom with brightness of interpretation. Japan review, 2006 XENIA AKEYNIKOVA was born in Budapest. She started her education at the age of 5 at the Gnessin Special Music School in Moscow attending the classes of Natalya Fikhtengoltz and later Tatyana Berkul. In 2002 she graduated from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and in 2004 completed a post-graduate course at the same institution led by the outstanding violinist Prof.

Tags de musique pour Xenia Akeynikova

1) Violin 2) Classical 3) Instrumental 4) Contemporary Classical 5) Klassik

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Xenia Akeynikova

1) Kreisler Chines Tambourine 2) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 f-minor mov.4 3) Ravel Tzigane 4) Poulenc Sonata Mov.1 5) Debussi Sonata Mov.3 6) Poulenc Sonata Mov.3 7) Strauss Sonata Mov.2 8) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 f-minor mov.3 9) Strauss Sonata Mov.1 10) Poulenc Sonata Mov.2 11) Bartok Rumunian Dances 12) Debussi Sonata Mov.1 wma 13) Massenet Meditation 14) J.Suk Love Song 15) Debussi Sonata Mov.2 16) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 f-minor mov.2 17) Bartok Rumunian Folk Dances 18) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 f-minor mov.1 19) Turcouise 20) Alladin 21) Dawn Over Moscow 22) Thunder 23) Meditation by Massenet 24) Zigeunerweisen by Sarasate 25) Rapsody Tzigane by Ravel for Violin and Piano 26) Debussy Sonata For Violin And Piano Mov.1 27) Debussy Sonata For Violin And Piano Mov.2 28) Debussy Sonata For Violin And Piano Mov.3 29) Poulenc Sonata For Violin And Piano Mov.1 30) Poulenc Sonata For Violin And Piano Mov.3 31) Poulenc Sonata for Violin and Piano Mov.2 32) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 F Minor For Violin And Piano Mov.1 33) Prokofiev Sonata Mov.1 34) Prokofiev Sonata N.1 F minor for Violin and Piano Mov.3 35) Nessun Dorma 36) Poulenc Sonata for Violin and 37) Debussy Sonata for Violin and 38) Turquoise 39) Xenia_Alladin 40) Kreisler Chinese Tambourine 41) Debussi Sonata Mov.1 42) Zigeunerweisen 43) Debussy Sonata Mov.2 44) Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen 45) Bartok Romanian Folk Dances 46) Poulenc Sonata Mov. 3 47) Debussy Sonata Mov.1 wma 48) Rapsody Tzigane 49) Meditation 50) Chines Tambourine

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