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Willi Carlisle

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Willi Carlisle

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Willi Carlisle

1) Cheap Cocaine 2) What the Rocks Don't Know 3) Angels 4) Singing Knives 5) Boy Howdy, Hot Dog! 6) Folk Art Masterpiece 7) Tulsa's Last Magician 8) Stone County 9) The Small Things 10) Free Little Bird 11) A Certain Kind of Fool 12) Up the Hill 13) Prospect 14) The Cuckoo 15) Kristin on the Side 16) Blueprints for Heaven 17) The Bear 18) Warfare 19) 30th Year 20) Boy Howdy, Hot Dog! - GemsOnVHS Field Recording 21) Life on the Fence 22) The Cuckoo (trad.) 23) Free Little Bird (trad.) 24) Boy Howdy, Hot Dog! (GemsOnVHS Field Recording) 25) The Grand Design 26) High Tone Dance 27) Warfare (trad.) 28) Cheap Cocaine (Western AF) 29) Van Life (Live WesternAF) 30) Two Dollar Bill (live - Last Saturday Night) 31) Cheap Cocaine (live WesternAF) 32) Big Cheeseburgers (live) 33) Angels (live WesternAF) 34) Prospects (live - Ozark Highlands Radio) 35) Rainbow Mid Life's Willow 36) I Won't Be Afraid 37) I Wont Be Afraid Anymore (Live at Mountain Music Festival) 38) The Down And Back 39) Goodnight Loving Trail 40) Vanlife 41) Buffalo Bill 42) Angels (Live at Mountain Music Festival) 43) Todo Pasa En Esta Mundo (live at Mountain Music Festival) 44) (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers (Live at Mountain Music Festival) 45) If I Could Only Fly (Live w Dylan Earl + Nick Shoulders) 46) Your Heart's A Big Tent 47) Willi Carlisle || "Country Blues" || Dock Boggs Cover 48) Este Mundo 49) Peculiar, Missouri 50) Outro

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