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Taylor Swift (née Taylor Alison Swift le 13 décembre 1989 à Wyomissing en Pennsylvanie, États-Unis) est une chanteuse de country pop américaine qui a commencé sa carrière très jeune. Taylor Swift est née à Wyomissing en Pennsylvania. Son père, Scott, est agent de change et sa mère, Andrea Swift est une mère au foyer. Elle a un frère cadet, Austin. Quand elle était dans la classe fourth grade, Taylor Swift a gagné le concours national de poésie avec un poème intitulé Monster In My Closet (Un monstre dans mon placard).

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“Anti-Hero” is the third track to Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album Midnights. She revealed the track’s title and track number in the sixth video of her TikTok game 'Midnight Mayhem With Me' on October 2, 2022. Swift premiered the official music video on the day of the album's release at 8 AM EST on her official YouTube channel. "“Anti-Hero” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I really don’t think I’ve delved this far into my insecurities in this detail before. I struggle with the idea that my life has become unmanageably sized and I, not to sound too dark, but I just struggle with the idea of not feeling like a person. This song is a real guided tour throughout all the things I tend to hate about myself, and it’s all those aspects of the things we dislike and like about ourselves that we have to come to terms with if we are gonna be this person, so I like “Anti-Hero” a lot, because I think is really honest." - via Instagram

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