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New-yorkaise à l’imagination sans borne, unique artiste féminine du label californien Top Dawg Entertainment, SZA (prononcé So-Za) distille un R’n'B nouveau. Dans une interview accordée à Billboard, elle raconte : "J’étais cette fille banale venue d’une petite ville, qui portait des Converse dégueulasses et n’était jamais coiffée. Je crois qu’il ne savait pas trop quoi faire de mon cas. Au début, ils me regardaient comme si j’étais un alien. Du style : Ta musique est bizarre, t’es bizarre, mais on t’aime bien."

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SZA’s “Shirt” is about feeling unmoored in the midst of an obsessive relationship. First previewed as a snippet posted on SZA’s Instagram story on October 7, 2020, “Shirt” gained traction on TikTok in early 2021 after a dance challenge using the audio originated on the platform. Originally untitled, the song was tentatively referred to as “Shirt” by fans, to which SZA reacted on Twitter on January 8, 2021: "I heard y'all named the Tik Tok song “shirt” lol. I’m fine w that" The song was teased at the end of the official music video for “Good Days”, which was released on March 5, 2021. When questioned by fans about the song’s release on twitter after releasing “Joni”, “I Hate You”, and “Nightbird” on August 22, 2021, she responded saying: "She next" The track then was officially released as a single for "SOS" with a music video on October 28, 2022. In the video, SZA and Lakeith Stanfield shoot up a cast of eccentric characters like a fucked-up Bonnie and Clyde, echoing the song’s destructive relationship dynamics. In one scene, they pretend to be deliverymen, pulling rifles out of pizza boxes; in another, SZA gives the Atlanta actor, a lap dance and caressing his face while he’s tied up in a chair. Moments after, she walks away, leaving him to the whims of a knife-wielding gang. The music video reveals a new side of SZA, which fans call her "New Era". Credits to Genius.

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