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Stop Breathing by Playboi Carti

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“Stop Breathing” is a high-energy punk-rap homage to Gucci Mane’s “Shirt Off,” an ode to Carti’s gang members, as well as a brutal diss track aimed at incarcerated ATL rapper Ola Runt and his Henchmen gang. The Henchmen killed a close friend of Carti’s named Bigg Sosa, which is what prompted Carti to channel his anger into this diss. On this track, Carti alleges that he had his gang shank Ola Runt in prison, and also claims the Henchmen’s hang-out spot, Front Street in Atlanta. Ola has since responded on Instagram, saying “Diss songs don’t bring back dead niggas.” Henchmen member Woo da Savage also responded, claiming that Carti had never even been to Front Street.

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