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National Anthem by Lana Del Rey

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Née à Lake Placid, dans l'État de New York, le 21 juin 1986, Elizabeth « Lizzy » Woolridge Grant se passionne à l'adolescence pour le cinéma hollywoodien, l'esthétique des années cinquante et soixante, et les polars de James Ellroy. C'est sous sa véritable identité que paraît son premier titre « Kill Kill » en 2009. Le montage vidéo réalisé par ses soins impose alors son image glamour et mystérieuse, tandis que l'EP trois-titres charme par son timbre vaporeux et sensuel.

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"National Anthem" is the fifth single from Lana Del Rey's major-label debut studio album, Born to Die. The music video for the song depicts Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy, and A$AP Rocky as John F. Kennedy. It portrays the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The concept of this song seems to involve Lana expressing her feelings for two distinct lovers, alluding to the life and death of President John F. Kennedy and the love triangle in between. Mr. Kennedy’s love for Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe was fun, crazy and passionate. This may have been charged even more so by the fact that it was an affair “behind closed doors” and one with one of the most sought after women in the world at the time. However, on the other side there was the love he had for his wife, Jackie Kennedy. That was true and pure (at least publicly), he may have even taken it for granted. Jackie was his supporter and was his soul mate, pushing him towards success and greatness both as a man and in his career. Marilyn was seemingly more sporadic, eccentric and glamorous; exactly the opposite of Jackie Kennedy. But to Mr. Kennedy they were both meaningful parts of his life and great lovers. According to Songfacts, Grant described to newspaper The Sun how she can relate to the song about her personal life: "I’ve been with this guy off and on for a long time, but we used to just drive from New York in his car up to the Hamptons. I remember thinking at the time it was just heaven. It’s funny, all the songs are about the same thing — going away with the one you love and then coming back home. In having relationships, you’re able to explore other sides of yourself." On November 24, 2021, “National Anthem” was certified platinum by the RIAA.

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