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Die Hard by Kendrick Lamar

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Né et élevé à Compton, ville réputée pour la violence de ses gangs, Kendrick Lamar publie sa première mixtape, Youngest Head Nigga in Charge, à l'âge de 16 ans, sous le pseudonyme K-Dot. Ce premier opus attire l'attention du label indépendant Top Dawg Entertainment qui lui signe un contrat d'enregistrement. Deux ans plus tard, il sort une deuxième mixtape intitulée Training Day. En 2006–2007, il participe à une tournée de Game en compagnie d'autres rappeurs de la Côte Ouest tels que Jay Rock et Ya Boy.

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In a very Nipsey track, Kendrick opens up about his insecurities and struggles involving honesty and sharing in a relationship. He is having doubts as to whether he will still be loved if he opens up, an uncertainty probably built by past traumas and relationships. However, by the end of the song, he accepts that he must overcome his past to reach his best form and be a full-time lover, by letting go and realizing the current relationship is not as empty and this lover is not as unloyal as the ones in the past. "I got some regrets But my past won’t keep me from my best." Amanda Reifer is a Barbos-born singer and songwriter. She began her career as the lead singer of the band Cover Drive and is now signed to Republic Records. She met up with Wonderland Magazine in early February to answer a few questions about her life and song, ‘Bag’.

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