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Bachir Attar

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Bachir Attar

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North Africa

North African


Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Bachir Attar

1) Ceremonies Against The Night Of The Devil 2) Up To The Sky, Down To The Earth 3) Under The Shadow Of Liberty 4) The 1001 Nights 5) You Can Find The Feeling 6) The Next Dream 7) Here We Stay 8) Full Moon At The Window 9) Mixed Cultures 10) Searching For The Passion 11) The Truth Forever 12) Taksim 13) Jamming In London 14) The Blessing For The World From God Only 15) The House Of Baraka 16) The Magic of Peace 17) Above The Moon 18) Memories of My Father 19) El M'Dahi 20) El Medahey 21) A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya 22) Gabahay 23) The Middle of the Night 24) Hanging out in Jajouka 25) In New York 26) Alalilla "About the Night" 27) Sbar Yagelbi Sbar 28) Jajouka Between the Mountains 29) Talaha l'Badro Alaina 30) Bujloudia 31) Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha (Take Care of Her or Leave Her) 32) On Horseback 33) Guimbri One 34) Bujloudia "Bujloudia Dancing With Aisha Qandisha" 35) Long Night 36) Arracks Tehta'L Kamar 37) Boujeloud 38) NY Return 39) Guimbri Two 40) X-Moghreb (Live) 41) Full Moon At The Windows 42) Rif Rok (Live) 43) In New York (Live) 44) Ceremonies Against the Night o 45) Dancing from the Heart (Live) 46) Next Dream 47) My God My Love Has Come 48) Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil (Islamic Boujeloud Ritual by Master Musicians of Jajouka Leader) 49) Searching For Passion 50) Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil (Islamic Boujeloud Ritual)

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