The Eden House

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de The Eden House: La Maison de l'Eden est un nouveau projet de collaboration dirigé par Stephen Carey (Adoration) et Tony Pettitt (membre fondateur du Fields of the Nephilim) et Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd / Gilmour ingénieur). Vocalists who have graced The Eden House include Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse, Conflict). Chanteurs qui ont honoré le Eden House comprennent Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari et Monica Richards (Foi et la Muse, conflits).

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Gothic Rock





Frogtoon Music

Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Titres de The Eden House

1) Reach Out (feat. Evi Vine) 2) To Believe In Something (Feat. Monica Richards) 3) The Beauty Of Science 4) To Believe In Something 5) All My Love (feat. Julianne Regan) 6) All My Love 7) Reach out 8) Fire For You (Feat. Evi Vine) 9) Trashed Treasure (feat. Julianne Regan) 10) Fire For You 11) Gods Pride 12) Gods Pride (feat. Amandine Ferrari) 13) Trashed Treasure 14) The Dark Half (Feat. Evi Vine) 15) The Dark Half 16) Iron In The Soul 17) Sin 18) Iron in the Soul (feat. Amandine Ferrari) 19) Sin (feat. Amandine Ferrari) 20) Wasted On Me 21) Bad Men 22) 12th Night 23) Neversea 24) Remember (Walking In The Sand) 25) Indifference 26) Butterflies 27) Hunger 28) The Empty Space 29) City of Goodbyes 30) The Tempest 31) One Heart 32) Verdades (I Have Chosen You) 33) Two Thousand Light Years From Home 34) First Light 35) Into the Red 36) The Ghost of You 37) Misery 38) Street Spirit (feat. Tallulah Rendall) 39) Timeflows (Part 1) 40) Street Spirit 41) The Only One 42) Venus in Furs 43) Ours Again 44) It's Just a Death 45) Let Me In 46) Play Dead 47) Timeflows (Part 2) 48) Words and Deeds 49) The Ardent Tide 50) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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