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Taylor Davis

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Taylor Davis

Tags de musique pour Taylor Davis

1) Violin 2) Instrumental 3) Classical 4) Seen Live 5) Soundtrack

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Taylor Davis

1) Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto) 2) Fairy Tail Theme 3) Gerudo Valley (From "Ocarina of Time") 4) Song of Time and Song of Storms (From "Ocarina of Time") 5) Brothers (Fullmetal Alchemist) 6) Zelda's Lullaby 7) Skyrim Theme 8) Attack on Titan Theme (Guren No Yumiya) 9) Midna's Lament (From "Twilight Princess") 10) Bolero of Fire (From "Ocarina of Time") 11) Great Fairy Fountain 12) Dragon Roost Island (From "The Wind Waker") 13) He's a Pirate (From "Pirates of the Caribbean") 14) Zelda Medley 15) Kokiri Forest (From "Ocarina of Time") 16) Ballad of the Goddess (From "Skyward Sword") 17) Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts) 18) Dark World Theme (From "A Link to the Past") 19) Serenade of Water (From "Ocarina of Time") 20) Song of Storms (Zelda, Ocarina of Time) 21) Lon Lon Ranch (From "Ocarina of Time") 22) Wide Awake (Violin Version) 23) Tal Tal Heights and The Legend of Zelda Main Theme 24) Nocturne of Shadow (From "Ocarina of Time") 25) Sheik's Theme (From "Ocarina of Time") 26) Lost Woods (From "Ocarina of Time") [Bonus Track] 27) To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) 28) Grief and Sorrow (From "Naruto") 29) Concerning Hobbits (From "The Lord of the Rings") 30) Time's Scar (Chrono Cross) 31) Jurassic Park Theme 32) Binks' sake (From "One Piece") 33) Game of Thrones Theme 34) Cid's Theme (Final Fantasy VII) 35) Passion (Kingdom Hearts II) 36) Ezio's Family (Assassin's Creed 2) 37) Now We Are Free (From "Gladiator") 38) Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II) 39) Metal Gear Saga 40) Lilium (From "Elfen Lied") 41) Hedwig's Theme (From "Harry Potter") 42) Dr. Wily's Castle (From "Mega Man 2") 43) Angel Beats! Theme 44) Duel of the Fates (From "Star Wars") 45) From Past to Present (From "Skyrim") 46) Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II) 47) Hikari (Kingdom Hearts) 48) Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger) 49) Merry-Go-Round of Life (From "Howl's Moving Castle") 50) Chrono Trigger Theme

Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Albums de Taylor Davis

1) Gaming Fantasy 2) Melodies of Hyrule: Music from "the Legend of Zelda" 3) The Anime and Game Collection 4) Game On: 2 Player Mode 5) Legendary Movie Music 6) Wide Awake (Violin Version) 7) Taylor Davis 8) Game of Thrones Theme 9) Odyssey 10) (null) 11) Star Wars Medley (From "Star Wars") 12) Melodies of a Magic Kingdom 13) Swordland (From "Sword Art Online") 14) Circle of Life 15) Elizabeth's Theme Medley (Bioshock Infinite) 16) The Night We Met (Instrumental) 17) An Enchanted Christmas 18) Assassin's Creed 3 Theme 19) Promentory (Last of the Mohicans Theme) 20) Journey Medley 21) Ballad of the Wind Fish 22) Nebulous 23) Light of the Seven (From "Game of Thrones") 24) A Million Dreams (Violin Instrumental) 25) For the Dancing and the Dreaming 26) Misty Mountains 27) Toss a Coin to Your Witcher (Instrumental) 28) Megalovania (From "Undertale") 29) Perfect (Instrumental) 30) The Hanging Tree (Instrumental) 31) The Avengers Theme 32) Gurenge (From "Demon Slayer") [Instrumental] 33) Arrival to Earth (Transformers) 34) Fake Love 35) Leaves from the Vine (From "Avatar: The Last Airbender") 36) Songs of Christmas 37) A Million Dreams (Violin Instrumental) (Single) 38) Colors of the Wind (From "Pocahontas") 39) A Thousand Years 40) Someone You Loved (Instrumental) 41) Stranger Things Medley 42) The Last Goodbye 43) History Maker (From "Yuri!!! on Ice") 44) Downton Abbey Theme 45) Despacito (Instrumental) 46) For the Dancing and the Dreaming (Feat. The Hound + The Fox) 47) Game of Thrones Theme - Single 48) Never Meant to Belong (From "Bleach") 49) Melodies of Hyrule: Music from The Legend of Zelda 50) Nate's Theme (From "Uncharted")

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