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No Fun at All

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de No Fun at All

No Fun At All est un groupe de hardcore mélodique suédois formé en 1991. Leur discographie comprend cinq albums et cinq EP. Le groupe a cessé ses activités en 2001, mais donne quelques concerts de temps en temps. Le groupe a sorti un nouvel album "Low Rider" en novembre 2008 et donne des concerts prévus fin 2009 dans quelques pays germanophones. ALBUMS No Straight Angles (1994) Out of Bounds (1995) The Big Knockover (1997) EP's going steady (1998)

Tags de musique pour No Fun at All

Punk Rock


Skate Punk

Seen Live

Melodic Hardcore

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de No Fun at All

1) Master Celebrator 2) My Extraordinary Mind 3) Beat 'em Down 4) Lose Another Friend 5) In a Rhyme 6) Believers 7) Stranded 8) Catch Me Running Round 9) Out of Bounds 10) Suicide Machine 11) Should Have Known 12) Wow and I Say Wow 13) Strong and Smart 14) Celestial Q&A 15) Second Best 16) Talking to Remind Me 17) Beachparty 18) Perfection 19) Growing Old, Growing Cold 20) Alcohol 21) I Have Seen 22) Pleasure Is to Be Insane 23) In a Moment 24) Nothing Personal 25) Invitation 26) Trapped Inside 27) Vision 28) Don't Pass Me By 29) Everything Inside 30) Where's the Truth 31) The Other Side 32) Your Feeble Mind 33) I Won't Believe in You 34) Sorry Lad 35) I Am Wrong and I Am Right 36) Never Ending Stream 37) Away from the Circle 38) I Can't Believe It's True 39) Mine My Mind 40) Days in the Sun 41) When the Time Comes 42) Waste of Time 43) Nobody's Perfect 44) Break My Back 45) So it Sadly Goes 46) It Won't Be Long 47) Evil Worms 48) Happy for the First Time 49) Spirit 50) Forevermore

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