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Mawana Slim

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Mawana Slim

Singer, songwriter, Mawana Afrobeat was surrounded by music from an early age inspired by the rhythms and sounds of the entire African continent. With an exacerbated curiosity because always in search of new ideas, discoveries and inspirations, Mawana Afrobeat, does not hesitate against winds and tides to cross the whole earth to enrich its work. In his style, afrobeat, jùjù-music, high-life and Afropunk marry to animate a committed message. Twice awarded music prize and resolutely oriented towards Afrobeat music

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Mawana Slim

1) kanaky hope 2) kashikazy 3) genocide 4) maecha 5) war for oil 6) war 7) Uhuru Africa 8) Haroussy 9) Comoro Blues 10) Untitled 11) Fitako 12) Wahala 13) Galawé 14) Rikénao 15) La Porte Du Non Retour 16) Mawana 17) L'Union Fait La Force 18) Muzungu-Land 19) Mapinduzi 20) revolution 21) rambyo 22) Bien Ou Bien 23) Domolila 24) Mudirya 25) Wamakua 26) lumumba 27) Bakary Kusu 28) Zion 29) breizh africa 30) " BAKARY KUSU " 31) Kashikazy "live" 32) Karibu 33) Woza Moya 34) magandja 35) shaneh

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