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Jill Tracy

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Jill Tracy

Jill Tracy est une artiste auteur-compositrice-interprète pianiste californienne, basée à San Francisco. Son univers est influencé par ceux de Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock & Rod Serlings. Elle est généralement classée 'Néo-Cabaret', bien que trouvant surtout bien plus précisément sa place dans l'univers vaporeux du "Dark Cabaret". Ses compositions font penser aux plus grandes œuvres de films noirs tout en gardant une lame de fond explicitement cabaret.

Tags de musique pour Jill Tracy

Dark Cabaret


Female Vocalists



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Jill Tracy

1) Evil Night Together 2) The Fine Art of Poisoning 3) Extraordinary 4) Pulling Your Insides Out 5) You Leave Me Cold 6) Doomsday Serenade 7) Just the Other Side of Pain 8) The Proof 9) Diabolical Streak 10) Haunted By the Thought of You 11) Precursor #7 (for a Levitation) 12) Sell My Soul 13) In Between Shades 14) Torture 15) Room 19 16) I Can't Shake It 17) The Somnambulist Waltz 18) The Water Flows So Slow 19) Where Shadows Fall 20) Petrified 21) Treasure 22) grey #11 23) Between the Black 24) Hour after Hour 25) You Kill Me 26) Make It Burn 27) Quintessentially Unreal 28) Anything at All 29) (variations on) Paint It Black 30) Conjuring #6 31) Coventry Carol 32) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 33) Carol of the Bells 34) O Come O Come Emanuel 35) What Child is This 36) In the Bleak Midwinter 37) We 3 Kings 38) Under the Fate of the Blue Moon 39) Main Title Theme 40) Nina and Harker in Love 41) Renfield Concocts a Scheme 42) Room 19 (instrumental mix) 43) The Book of the Vampires 44) The Accident at Dinner 45) Sell My Soul (instrumental mix) 46) Aboard the Phantom Carriage 47) Approaching the Land of Phantoms 48) Nina Warns Harker As He Departs 49) The Carriage Embarks on Its Journey 50) Doctor Van Helsing

Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Albums de Jill Tracy

1) Diabolical Streak 2) The Bittersweet Constrain 3) Quintessentially Unreal 4) Into the Land of Phantoms 5) (null) 6) Beneath: the Bittersweet Constrain 7) Projekt Presents A Dark Cabaret 8) Silver Smoke, Star of Night 9) Silver Smoke, Star of Night (In the Shadow of Christmas) 10) Under the Fate of the Blue Moon 11) Projekt Presents: A Dark Cabaret 12) undefined 13) A Dark Cabaret 2 14) A Dark Cabaret 15) Lament for the Queen of Disks 16) The Sepiachord Companion 17) Diabolical Streak (125-009) 18) Quintessentially Unreal (the early piano demos) 19) BENEATH: The Bittersweet Constrain (instrumental mixes) 20) Houdini 21) Ночные Мущыки 22) BENEATH - The Bittersweet Constrain (instrumental mixes) 23) Songs Inspired by Literature - Chapter One 24) Scrubs Soundtrack 25) Silver Smoke, Star of Night (Projekt283) 26) Ornamental (a Holiday Compilation) 27) Dark Cabaret Compilation 28) A Night in the Lonesome October: Disc One 29) Haunted (Halloween) #961 30) A Night in the Lonesome October: Disc Two 31) Into the Land of Phantoms (The Nosferatu Score) 32) The Dark Day 33) Ornamental (a Projekt Holiday Ccompilation) 34) Ornamental (a Projekt Holiday Compilation) 35) Songs Inspired By Literature 36) She Sees Right Through Me 37) Evocations of the Moon: Piano Spells in Lunar Frequencies to Align, Soothe, And Restore 38) Waiting for a Train 39) Seclusion 22 / Whispers Behind the Glass 40) Into the Lands of Phantoms 41) Elegy for a Solitary Year 42) BENEATH: The Bittersweet Const 43) Jill Tracy 44) Tracy 45) thin little crimes ;; an asoue mix 46) A Chill Down My Spine 47) Coven 48) jwz mixtape 067 49) Bellydance Underground 50) Slipping Into Entropy Soundtrack

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