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Neo-Psychedelia is a genre that saw a rise to prominence in the 90s, but had been in existence for some years. Early acts (such as The Soft Boys or The Church) were very Rock-based, featuring clean guitars and some additional instrumentation and effects (i.e. reverb, distortion). It has developed to be characterized by its layering of sounds or instruments to create a surreal sonic atmosphere. Though synthesizers, samples, and other production techniques have fallen more into favor in recent years, usually many different instruments (or the illusion of them) - such as string sections, organs, or bells - are used for both the foreground and background of songs. Additionally, everyday or non-musical sounds may be utilized. The genre as a whole is owing in large part to the Psychedelic Pop and Psychedelic Rock bands of the '60s and '70s, however Neo-Psychedelia may not be explicitly rooted in either pop or rock as experimenting with sounds and song structures is common. Notable acts include The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, and Animal Collective. Neo-Psychedelia Chaque artiste, chaque groupe et chaque chanson que vous pouvez imaginer, du plus récent au plus ancien, sont facilement accessibles via Frogtoon Music. Préparez-vous à vous faire plaisir et laissez la musique enrichir votre âme, enflammer votre passion, éveiller vos émotions et ramener de beaux souvenirs. Voici un répertoire des meilleurs artistes et groupes de Neo-Psychedelia:

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