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Eleanor McEvoy

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Eleanor McEvoy

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Eleanor McEvoy

1) Sophie 2) Only a Woman's Heart 3) The Rain Falls 4) Whisper A Prayer To The Moon 5) Precious Little 6) I Hear You Breathing in 7) A Woman's Heart 8) Whisper A Prayer 9) Isn't It A Little Late 10) Wrong so Wrong - Naked Version 11) Little Look 12) Please Heart, You're Killing Me 13) Did I Hurt You? 14) Wrapping Me Up In Luxury (Until The Morning Comes) 15) Go Now 16) Last Seen October 9th 17) Did You Tell Him? 18) Dreaming of Leaving 19) I Got You to See Me Through 20) Seasoned Love 21) Easy in Love 22) Leaves Me Wondering 23) Finding Myself Lost Again 24) All I Have 25) Something So Wonderful 26) Apologise 27) For You 28) Don't Ask Me Why 29) To One Who Didn't Know You 30) Boundaries of Your Mind 31) Not Quite Love 32) There's More To This Woman 33) Leave Her Now 34) A Glass Unkissed 35) Breathing Hope 36) Music of It All 37) It's Mine 38) Stray Thoughts 39) Promises We Keep 40) Sleepless 41) My Own Sweet Bed Tonight 42) Where Is The Healing? 43) Shame On the Moon 44) Biochemistry 45) Now You Tell Me 46) Easy To Lose Hope 47) Trapped Inside 48) She Had It All 49) You'll Hear Better Songs (Than This) 50) I'll Be Willing

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