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Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Earshot

The group formed in 1999 out of vocalist/guitarist Will Martin from Kansas, guitarist Mike Callahan from Ohio, French guitarist Scott Kohler, and drummer Dieter Hartmann from Austria. The foursome signed to Warner Bros. after the label heard their melodic metal and entered the studio with producer David Kahne. After the recording session, the record was polished up by mixer Andy Wallace and released in the summer of 2002 as Letting Go. Having expanded the line-up to include bass player Johnny Sprague

Tags de musique pour Earshot

1) Alternative Rock 2) Rock 3) Alternative 4) Alternative Metal 5) Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Earshot

1) MisSunderstood 2) Wait 3) Closer 4) Headstrong 5) More Than I Ever Wanted 6) Sometimes 7) Where The Pain Begins 8) Don't Hate Me 9) Pushing to Shove 10) Wasted 11) I Hate You 12) Beside Myself 13) Someone 14) Get Away 15) Go 16) Not Afraid 17) Tongue-Tied 18) Fall Apart 19) Again 20) Rotten Inside 21) Control 22) Down 23) Ordinary Girl 24) Goodbye 25) Nice to Feel the Sun 26) Misery 27) Should've Been There 28) Wait (Album Version) 29) Asleep, I Lie 30) This World 31) Wake Up 32) We Fall, We Stand 33) Unfortunate 34) My Time 35) Someone (Alternate Version) 36) Fall Apart (Album Version) 37) Tounge-Tied (Album Version) 38) Goodbye (Album Version) 39) Down (Album Version) 40) Again (album version) 41) Someone (Album Version) 42) Rotten Inside (Album Version) 43) Control (Album Version) 44) Nice To Feel The Sun (Album Version) 45) Should've Been There (Album Version) 46) Let Me 47) Bring me down 48) We Fall 49) Feel 50) The Ugly Truth

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