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Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Damani

Less than 10 years ago, Damani Nkosi, the LA rapper and Snoop Dogg affiliate, dropped a song called ‘Gotta Stay Paid,’ which featured Too $hort. But when Damani raps about being ‘rich’ on his forthcoming album, ‘Thoughtful King,' it’s about being wealthy in spirit, in integrity and as a person, not just financially. Damani attributes the shift to an epiphany he had in 2011. “I was driving down the street in Inglewood,” said Damani, who was once signed with Sony Urban.

Tags de musique pour Damani

1) Rap 2) West Coast Rap 3) Hip-Hop 4) Hip Hop 5) Dance

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Damani

1) A Gift That Keeps On Giving 2) Everyday Is Like Christmas to Me 3) Inglewood 4) A Gift That Keeps On Giving (feat. Chris Starr) 5) West Coast Hustla 6) Twas the Night Before Xmas (feat. Snoop Dogg) 7) Gotta Stay Paid 8) gotta stay paid ft too $hort 9) On My Way to Inglewood 10) The Origin 11) In Love With A Hoe 12) Now That's Love (feat. Musiq Soulchild, Robert Glasper) 13) Twas the Night Before Xmas 14) A Man (feat. PJ Morton) 15) Lucky Me 16) Rich (feat. Bad Lucc, BJ The Chicago Kid) 17) Flow For The World 18) Ethiopia (feat. Sid Sriram) 19) Like That There Tho 20) Free Dumb (Chains Off) 21) Reflex Is In Love 22) Real Shit 23) All About Damani 24) Intro 25) So Nice 26) The Wait Is Over 27) INGLEWOOD MACK 10 MIX 3 28) Duh-Mah-Nee 29) All About Damani (Feat. Snoop Dogg) 30) The Skit That Really Happened 31) Through Me 32) Been This Way 33) Let's Get Away 34) Survival of the Fittest 35) She got Ass f. J Valentine 36) Private Jet Music Ft. Nikki Grier 37) My Soliloquies 38) Fuckin' Is Good For You (Feat. JT Tha Bigga Figga, Kurupt, Soopafly & Snoop Dogg) 39) Haaay 40) Freestyle 41) Good Night (feat. Jess Delgado) 42) (Bonus Track) Scoe's Special #9 (feat. Illcamille, Thurz, Ohno, S-Mak, Problem) 43) Here Comes Damani ft. Snoop Dogg 44) Fuckin' Is Good For U 45) Natural High Ft. Latoiya Williams 46) All Around the World Ft. Mika Lett 47) Hate on Me 48) I Don't Care 49) Here Comes Damani (Feat. Snoop Dogg) 50) F***** Is Good For U

Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Albums de Damani

1) Christmas In The Dogghouse 2) On Vacation From Vacation 3) Thoughtful King 4) Christmas In tha Dogghouse 5) Snoop Doog's West Fest 6) Exclusive 7) Presents the Big Squeeze 8) Congratulations Playa 9) The Big Squeeze 10) Christmas In tha Dogghouse (Snoop Dogg Presents) 11) Snoop Dogg Presents Christmas In Tha Dogghouse 12) 13) (?) 14) (null) 15) Alpéacha & Richard Segal Huredia Present World Ride 16) Adidas Presents Congratulations Playa Mixtape 17) DJ Reflex & DJ Skee Present Congratulations Playa 18) Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey 19) A Lesson Before Dying 20) World Ride 21) DJ Skee Westside Hype Volume 2 22) ADIDAS MIXTAPE 23) Snoop Dogg Presents The Big Squeeze 24) Snoop Dogg Presents Christmas In Tha Dogg House 25) Congratulations Player The Album 26) Money Boss Music, Vol.2 27) Aelpéacha & Richard Segal Huredia Present World Ride 28) presents: “Wake Up! It's 2009!” 29) A Gift That Keeps On Giving [Explicit] 30) Made In America 31) Christmas In The Dogghouse [Explicit] 32) Everybody C'mon (feat. Brevi) - Single 33) 34) Hip Hop Is Read Presents The Tape Deck '11: Volume #10 35) 36) <unknown> 37) zarubezhnaya estrada 38) Snoop Dogg Presents: Christmas In Tha Dogghouse 39) Ohnomite 40) It's A CT Experience 41) Hip Hop Is Read Presents The Tape Deck '10: Volume #27 42) How To Survive In The West 43) Alpéacha Richard Segal Huredia Present World Ride 44) DJ 2High Presents West Coast Gangstash-t Volume 1 45) Damani 46) Everyday Is Like Christmas To Me [Explicit] 47) I'm Just Ballin' 12 48) The Big Squee 49) Congratulations Playa (reflex, skee) 50) A Mary Mary Christmas

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