Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Ayria: Canadian singer Jennifer Parkin has become a true icon on the electronic scene with her unique music writing style, her personality and her Lolita meets Glam-punk image. In 2003, she began her project Ayria and shook the foundation of the industrial-electro scene by mixing straight old-school industrial with harsh electro while giving a nod to electro-clash and 80’s new wave. Ayria has released two full length CD’s on Belgium label Alfa Matrix (FRONT 242, LEATHERSTRIP, etc.

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Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Titres de Ayria

1) My Revenge on the World 2) My Device 3) The Gun Song 4) Bad List 5) Infiltrating My Way Through the System 6) It’s Been Fun 7) Horrible Dream 8) Pink Dress 9) Counterblow 10) Six Seconds 11) Cutting 12) Lovely Day 13) Selling Rebellion 14) Invisible 15) Analog Trash 16) DOS 17) Blue Alice 18) Be Me 19) Disease 20) 1000 Transmissions 21) Post Apocalyptic Girl 22) Red Shift 23) Flicker 24) Mercury 25) St. Edith 26) The Radio 27) Hearts for Bullets 28) Had Something 29) Beta Complex 30) Debris 31) Suck It Up 32) Girl on the Floor 33) Sapphire 34) Start Again 35) Insect Calm 36) My Poison 37) Substance 38) Kiss Me Goodnight as I'm Falling Asleep 39) Hunger 40) Winter Love Song 41) Horrible Dream (Glis Mix) 42) Six Seconds on All Sides 43) Feed Her to the Wolves 44) Disease (NamNamBulu Mix) 45) Plastic Makes Perfect 46) Horrible Dream (Pzycho Bitch Mix) 47) Bad List (Scratch Off Mix by v01d) 48) The Gun Song (Essence of Mind Mix) 49) Disease (Armageddon Dildos Mix) 50) Not the One

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