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Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Asala

Asala was born in Damascus, Syria to a middle class couple. Mostafa Nasri, Asala’s father, was a revered Syrian composer and singer who recognized her singing talent early on and launched her singing career. She was very attached to her father who taught her to love music. Her infatuation with music entertained her through her childhood, she was much more content with the radio than a doll. Asala began her musical career by performing patriotic, religious, and children’s songs when she was four years old.

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Asala

1) Wala Dary 2) Yesmaholy El Kol 3) Nos Hala 4) Kan Wahm 5) Ah Men Aynah 6) Ba'a Tabeay 7) Awa'at 8) Etfrag Ala Nafsak 9) Aktar 10) Hayaty 11) La Tekhaf 12) Sawaha Galbi 13) Ba'a Tabeay Alaya 14) Ya Magnoon 15) Baeen Aedayek 16) Hayati 17) asfa 18) Arod Leeh 19) Meta Shoofak 20) Shaghel Baly 21) Ela Mata 22) Aoulak Bahibak 23) Ah Meen Aynah 24) Sabny 25) Alamtni 26) Nogomi.com_Asala-01.Wala_Dary 27) Mabaash Ana 28) Kabrtak Ala Sidak 29) Been Edeek 30) Fein Habibi 31) Begad Teganen 32) Tasawar 33) Talabtk 34) Asasy 35) Afwan 36) Shumokh Azee 37) La Salam 38) Agrab Gareeb 39) Nogomi.com_Asala-03.Ah_Men_3aynah 40) Rooh Wu Rooh 41) Rohy Wakhdany 42) Wehna Sawa 43) Awgat 44) Tabi Ttruknie 45) Ared Laeeh 46) Etfarag Ala Najsak 47) Nogomi.com_Asala-08.Nos_Hala 48) Nogomi.com_Asala-02.Kan_Wahm 49) Katabtak 50) Ared Laeeh

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