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Annie Lennox

Frogtoon Music - Biographie de Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox est une chanteuse écossaise née le 25 décembre 1954. Elle a notamment été la chanteuse du duo Eurythmics. Après avoir été pendant trois ans la chanteuse du groupe The Tourists, Annie Lennox accède à la célébrité en tant que chanteuse du duo Eurythmics, à l'origine de morceaux qui comptent parmi les plus grands succès des années 1980 (Sweet Dreams, Here Comes The Rain Again, Would I Lie To You ?, There Must Be An Angel

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Frogtoon Music - Meilleurs Titres de Annie Lennox

1) Walking on Broken Glass 2) Why 3) No More "I Love You's" 4) A Whiter Shade of Pale 5) Into the West 6) Little Bird 7) Cold 8) Dark Road 9) Precious 10) Waiting in Vain 11) I Put a Spell on You 12) A Thousand Beautiful Things 13) Don't Let It Bring You Down 14) Love Song for a Vampire 15) Pavement Cracks 16) Money Can't Buy It 17) I Put A Spell On You (Fifty Shades of Grey) - From "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack 18) Legend in My Living Room 19) The Gift 20) Sing 21) Shining Light 22) Primitive 23) Stay by Me 24) Love Is Blind 25) Keep Young and Beautiful 26) I Put A Spell On You (Fifty Shades of Grey) - From The "Fifty Shades of Grey" Soundtrack 27) Take Me to the River 28) Ghosts in My Machine 29) No More I Love You's 30) Wonderful 31) Smithereens 32) Here Comes the Rain Again 33) Through the Glass Darkly 34) Lost 35) Train in Vain 36) Womankind 37) Loneliness 38) Honestly 39) The Hurting Time 40) Big Sky 41) Coloured Bedspread 42) Bitter Pill 43) I Can't Get Next to You 44) Downtown Lights 45) Something So Right 46) Fingernail Moon 47) Thin Line Between Love and Hate 48) Erased 49) Universal Child 50) Twisted

Frogtoon Music - 50 Meilleurs Albums de Annie Lennox

1) Diva 2) Medusa 3) Songs of Mass Destruction 4) The Annie Lennox Collection 5) Bare 6) Nostalgia 7) Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 8) The Great Voice of Eurythmics (bootleg?) 9) A Christmas Cornucopia 10) Lord Of The Rings 3-The Return Of The King 11) The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King 12) Lord Of The Rings 3-The Return Of The King (U.S. Version-Jewelcase) 13) Little Bird / Love Song for a Vampire 14) (null) 15) Pavement Cracks 16) Universal Child 17) The Very Best Of 18) I Put A Spell On You 19) Dance Vault Mixes - A Thousand Beautiful Things 20) Fifty Shades of Grey 21) The Very Best Of MTV Unplugged 22) Dance Vault Mixes - Little Bird (2nd Set Of Mixes) 23) A Tribute To Joni Mitchell 24) Dance Vault Mixes - Little Bird (1st Set of Mixes) 25) No More I Love You's 26) Love Songs 27) Sing 28) "Bram Stoker's Dracula" 29) Live in Central Park 30) The Annie Lennox Collection CD 1 31) Bram Stoker's Dracula: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 32) Little Bird 33) The Annie Lennox Collection (Super Deluxe Version) 34) Absolute Christmas 35) Shining Light 36) «Пятьдесят оттенков серого» 37) MTV Unplugged 38) Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter 39) Dance Vault Mixes - Pavement Cracks 40) Sucker Punch 41) Lepidoptera 42) Lord of the Rings 3 - The Return Of The King 43) Annie Lennox 44) Love 45) Dark Road 46) Bram Stoker's Dracula 47) A Christmas Cornucopia (10th Anniversary) 48) All I Want For Christmas 49) M1+ Top 1000 50) American Beauty

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