Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Single

Sarah and the Safe Word

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Cabaret Rock




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1) You're All Scotch, No Soda 2) Sick On Seventh Street 3) Bottom of a Bender 4) Formula 666 5) The Louisville Shuffle (RIP) 6) The Last Great Sweetheart of the Grand Electric Rodeo 7) When Oskar Fische Comes to Town 8) Welcome to Winterwood 9) A Celebration--With a Vengeance?! 10) Solstice 11) Something is Afoot on Old Man McGrady's River 12) Flowers 13) Red Hot & Holy 14) The Miscommunication 15) Disobedient (feat. Gerard D'Lor) 16) Dead Girls Tell No Tales 17) The Bonnie Dell House 18) Dig a Fancy Grave 19) Lost Ring on Riverside 20) Sneaky Boy 21) Invocation 22) Lit Cigarette 23) Your Mouth is Only for Complimenting Our Dancers 24) Learning the Truth at Last 25) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 26) So Metropolitan 27) Dig A Fancy Grave (feat. Fable Cry) 28) A Celebration--With a Vengence?! 29) Prancer's Night Off 30) Strange Doings in the Night 31) Act I. Scene I. 32) The Supernova 33) North Ave 34) The Business Practices Of Spiders 35) Who Spilled the Sugar?! 36) Red Hot and Holy 37) How Veronica Vanquished the Wolf 38) You're the Sort of Man I Like 39) Audrey, Honey... 40) Don't Ask Questions 41) Pillpusher 42) D.K.Y. 43) The Louisville Shuffle 44) Face My Fears 45) Lucinda Walsh 46) Gone Like a Ghost 47) Mexican Wine 48) Love Come Again 49) Nothing Gets Crossed Out 50) Sugar in My Veins

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